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Project management for complex engineering and IT assignments
Water and Wastewater Facility Rehabilitation  
Water/Wastewater SCADA Systems  
Software IT Assessment, Design and Implementation Services
Software Development and Integration Services
Building Management & Energy Audits 
Municipal Operational Support Projects 
Insyght Engineering Inc.

Insyght is a consulting engineering firm focused on providing insightful solutions to our clients’ challenges. Our intent is to operate as an extension of the client’s staff. We utilize our experience, combined with a thorough project assessment, to fully understand the issues related to each assignment. Insyght’s strategy for success is simple - deliver what we promise on schedule and budget.

Our overall focus is to leverage the benefits of computer technology and business best practices for our clients.

Our corporate roots extend back to 1987 primarily in the municipal market. Insyght has extensive experience from working for a number of municipalities including Windsor, London, Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa, as well as the regional municipalities of Niagara, Halton, and Waterloo. We have evolved to offer a broad suite of services to our clients. The projects include master plans, designs and implementation of facility upgrades, asset management, SCADA/automation systems, information technology and networking, and data management.

We have also developed a specialty niche- Operations Support, which assists in various unique projects such as preparing municipal engineering design and project delivery standards and the preparation of Terms of Reference for complex engineering assignments.

Our focus is on helping you improve your business practices and operation.

Insyght Corporate Values

Advantage In order to be selected for an assignment, we recognize that we must offer our client a unique advantage.

Quality All products and services are of the highest quality in order to achieve our goal of high-level client satisfaction and repeat business. This includes both the deliverables produced, and the methods we use.

Respect We will treat all of our clients, staff, and communities with respect. Ideas, knowledge, and experience from all sources is considered to be valuable and appreciated.

Corporate Experience and Relationships

The senior staff of Insyght have over 25 years experience in designing and implementing facility upgrades, information technology, automation and electrical systems. As our projects and deliverables have become more extensive and customized to meet the client’s needs, we have developed close relationships with other highly specialized firms. Our goal is to provide our clients with high value - customized, experienced project teams specific to the needs of each client and project, at a reasonable price.

The Importance of Excellent Project Management

Successful projects require a blend of technical expertise and excellent project management to achieve the project goals of scope management, target timeline, cost limits, and quality measures. Insyght has trained, PMP certified project staff and utilize the PMBOK project management principles to assist in achieving the project goals.

We recognize that most of our clients are facing increased pressures to complete projects on schedule to match funding envelopes. Insyght has adjusted our project work plans and strategies to increase the emphasis in this area and have successfully delivered many projects on schedule and budget. We believe that this is a corporate strength and places Insyght in a superior position versus many of your other options.

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