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Municipal Operational Support

Many municipal clients are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver on their capital programs as large numbers of senior “baby boomers” continue to retire. At the same time, the volume of projects is increasing to meet the infrastructure replacement needs. Insyght has developed a unique niche to support our clients by providing senior level project management expertise on specialized projects. For these assignments, we work very closely with staff as an extension of internal resources, rather than an arms length consulting firm. This approach successfully increases our clients’ staff resources to accomplish more projects each year. Some of the key project types, and reference projects, are as follows. Details on some of these projects are included on the Project Profiles, below.

  Preparation of Consulting Terms of Reference
Included a very broad spectrum of projects, so that the client can hire consultants and/or engineering firms to execute capital projects.
  • City of Toronto, 2002-2008 (75 assignements)
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara Terms of Reference


  Review of Engineering Design Practices and Standards
Included project management practices as well as technical design standards in various engineering disciplines.


  Developing Municipal Staff Resource Loading Plans
Included reviewing the skills and number of FTE’s needed to deliver the proposed capital programs of the next 5 years.


  Water & Energy Efficiency Audits
Includes facility reviews to identify any potential energy savings opportunities.
  • Regional Municipality of Halton, Energy Audits for various facilities.


  Specialized, Project Assessment and Testing
Included PreStart Health and Safety Review, development of project QA/QC programs, as well as project reviews for the Ontarion Disability Act (ODA) compliance, and independent project testing and commissioning.
  • City of Hamilton (various assignments)
  • City of Toronto (various assignments)
  • Halton BCA 2007
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