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Water and Wastewater Facility Upgrades

Upgrades of water and wastewater facility electrical systems provide unique challenges, such as the fact that the facility must remain in operation, passing flow, during the entire construction period. We have also developed wastewater flow overall flow control strategies, blower energy optimization, and optimization of chemical dosing systems for both water and wastewater sites. Insyght staff have investigated and developed unique strategies for addressing these key issues. Some of the key project types, and reference projects, are as follows.  

  Overall Facility Refurbishment
Included structural, mechanical, electrical and automation aspects.
  • Oakville Southwest WWTP and Five SPS Upgrades
  • Toronto Group 2 Sewage Pump Station Rehabilitation
  • Niagara Group II Construction Administration Support
  • York Environmental Assessment Study For The Woodriver Bend Pumping Station
  • Agnes St. SPS Upgrades


  Replacement of Major Switchgear and MCC's
Included conceptual designs, transition strategy reports, detailed designs, and contract administration. These projects were completed while keeping the facility in operation.
  • Hamilton Kenilworth Water Pumping Station (13.8KV)
  • Hamilton Greenhill Water Pumping Station


  Installation of Backup Generators
Included reworking of the facility electrical and controls systems, and developing detailed transition strategies.
  • Toronto Diesel Generators at twelve (12) pump stations
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